Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

Hi All, Sorry Ive been AWOL its not that easy having two kids lol! Anway here is post I've been meaning to post for ages.... Rainbow cupcakes.

Ok so here are some step by step instructions for rainbow cupcakes.

1.) Make up a batch of cake mix, you can use any flavour just not chocolate. Separate your mixture into 6 bowls.

2.) Choose 6 different food colours and add a small drop of food colour to each bowl. I find gel colours work best here as they give more vibrant colours when baked. Mix colour in well.

3.) Line your baking tray with cake cases and place a tsp of each colour into each case. Repeat until all mixture is gone. If you want to go for a marbled look just stick a cocktail stick into mixture and swirl slightly.

4.) Bake at temp and time as your recipes requires. Allow to cool.

5.) Make up a batch of Buttercream, i always find best to exactly double qty icing sugar to butter and add 20g extra icing sugar. Separate into 6 small bowls.

6.) Using the same food colours as earlier, add a drop to each bowl and mix well.

7.) People always ask me how to stop colours running together when making multicoloured icing, let me show you this super easy trick. Take a piece of cling film and lay it on a clean worktop. Spoon your coloured icing onto centre of the cling film....

.... fold in top and bottom and roll into a sausage shape. Put an elastic band around one end to stop icing coming out.

8.) Repeat for all other colours. Group together and place into a nozzles piping bag open end first. Now your ready to pipe. This technique also saves your bags as there is minimum mess so not much cleaning to do.

9.) Give the bag a squeeze into a bowl until multiple colours start to show and then swirl your cupcakes. and Voila Rainbow cupcakes.

10.) Inside...

Tried this before? Comment below, also send us your pics we'd love to see them.